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Unpacking Risk: 3 Practical Techniques


Few people appreciate the art of UNpacking a suitcase. But the items that were “tetrised” into your bag have to be dealt with once you arrive at your destination. Are you tempted to leave your belongings unaddressed in your hotel room and get straight to the sightseeing? Maybe, but if you do that, will you be able to find your toothbrush later? Or that trusty travel guide that you dog-eared for weeks with all the things you don’t want to miss? When nonprofit teams leave risk considerations scattered it’s difficult to build a strong, effective action plan. In this session, you’ll learn why unpacking is a critical step in risk identification and test 3 practical techniques to “unpack” risk with common real-world risks. Learn how to explore the ins and outs of each risk and prep for the next step—creating a risk action plan!