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Caitlin House

Senior Manager, Risk, Luminate Group

Caitlin manages and coordinates the risk management activities for Luminate, a global foundation working to ensure everyone – especially those who are underrepresented – has the information, rights, and power to influence the decisions that affect their lives. She was previously a Manager on Luminate’s Funding Operations team, where she helped to guide pipeline and portfolio management processes and established Luminate’s inaugural Risk Management Team.

Prior to joining Luminate, Caitlin was the Operations Associate at Global Innovation Fund (GIF) where she coordinated their investment process. She previously spent 18 months with the US Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as part of their management team. Before her time in Ethiopia, Caitlin managed the Center for International Science and Technology Policy and the Space Policy Institute at The George Washington University before becoming Fiscal Operations Manager at GWU’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

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